Latvian Fairy Tales ed. by Inga Kārlsberga (Jānis Roze, 2017)

Originally published in Latvian as Latviešu brīnumpasakas by Jānis Roze, 2017

This book is a collection of typical, popular and widely known Latvian fairy tales. However, some non-standard variants of these tales that are not usually included in collections were chosen in order to keep it more interesting. 

"The classic fairy tale structure has three forms of trials—the first tests the hero’s ability to be empathetic and resourceful, and he gains knowledge or a magic tool in return. The central and second trial is often to slay a dragon and/or to free a kidnapped/enchanted princess. And then there’s the final trial—to make it back home in one piece.
In all these ways, fairy tales help children grow up and become adults—and as adults to take on responsibility for what happens in the real world.” (Dr. philol. Guntis Pakalns) 


Introduction and commentary by Dr. philol. Guntis Pakalns, University of Latvia, Institute for Literature, Folklore and Art, Archives of Latvian Folklore.

Illustrations by Gita Treice. She has designed over 100 books since 1997. More than twenty of these have received nominations and awards in Latvia and in the Baltic States. 

This book was published with the support of the Latvian Ministry of Culture and the Latvian Publishers’ Association.

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